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What People Are Saying About Oils of Youth, From Around The World!


“A gift from the Gods! Cleopatra and Aphrodite must have used Oils of Youth! Highly recommended by a friend when I researched all toxin-free body care products, I’ve used Oils of Youth for 4 months now (first oils lasted 3 1/2 months) and all promises are fulfilled! It has drastically simplified my skincare routine, and I have been experiencing a dewy glow with a sensation of firmness and clarity of my complexion like never before. The actual using of the product is a sensual experience of indulgence and pure pleasure for my skin, which my face craves and is longing for every morning and evening. The scent, the skin just soaking up all this natural goodness, the immediate nurturing, ‘Aaaahhhhh!!!!!’ Divine ecstasy in my shower! True transcendence of the senses! – This is a product for men and women who desire simple luxurious pure nature skincare for their face. Simply the best, nothing less. Blessings to Carol Lee for bringing back to us the secrets of Cleopatra and Aphrodite!”

Nattacia Satie, New York City

“Carol Lee’s “Oilsof Youth” is a miraculous melding of ancient organic plant extracts and modern technology. Although we do everything right from the inside out to have beautiful skin, time does have a way of taking its toll by the time one hits 78.

I had used Oils of Youth constantly for just 6 months and was pleasently surprised with the soft, smooth cpmplexion I saw emerge. When I ran out, it only took a few days before the aging-skin-look was again noticeable. Never again will I let that happen.”

Carol Keppler, CEO, Alt Waters Technology, Scottsdale Arizona

“Carol Lee’s “Oils of youth” is an absolute blessing! Throw out all your old skin products – Oils of Youth does it ALL.

As a performer my skin is subject to shaving & heavy stage make-up but Oils of Youth restores my skin to it’s natural beauty leaving it cleansed & youthful looking. The oils are easily absorbed into the skin without leaving that “greasy” look and the soap is a wonderful cleanser. Oils of Youth really does do it all. I’ve also noticed that my beard growth is softer too – it works for Men & Women! Give it a try – the only thing you have to lose is younger looking skin!”

Richard Rhodes, London, UK

“I ordered my Kit of Oils of Youth on line so did not talk to a real person. The product kit came immediately as promised. Wow, how it has changed my skin and skin care, Thank you.”

Susan G, Marin County, California

“I have been using the Oils of Youth Skin Care System for well over a month, and can’t begin to tell you how amazed I am at the product. I travel for a living, and have always had a hard time fitting my toiletries into that ever so famous “zip lock bag.” That problem has been solved and my skin regimen so simplified and easy! My skin feels and looks great! My complexion is better than ever, and my skin looks and feels: toned, clean, and moisturized. This is a testament that the Oils of Youth Skin Care System is not just for Women! I **Absolutely LOVE** the product and my skin does too! Especially after a shave… it calms and soothes the skin more than any product I have ever used before.”

Robert Ford, Barcelona, Spain

“My skin feels SOOO great, I really love the product. When I do the evening application, I feel like I’ve walked out of a facial – my skin is glowing and feels so refereshed.”

Janelle Stewart, Seattle, Washington

“The Fountain of Youth has been discovered, and we can all have it in the form of Oils of Youth. After only three weeks, my skin is glowing! the 11’s between my eye brows have begun to smooth out. Goodbye any thought of Botox. The wonderful benefits keep coming. When I travel, there is no need to pack cleanser, toner, eye cream, night cream, and day cream. I feel blessed to have found Carol Lee and her wonderful Oils of Youth.

My family and friends tell me that I am looking pretty.”

“Update on another healing accolade for Oils of Youth. My four year old Grandaughter had a raw chaff under her nose from a cold. we applied Oils of Youth before her first bedtime story and by the next day her rash was almost gone. the following morning, completely healed.”

Judy Taylor, Carlsbad, California

“Lose 10 years with Oils of Youth.Throw away all lotions and potions, de-clutter your cosmetic drawer, and give yourself an extra hour every day. Since using Oils of Youth, even my most competitive friend has commented on my clear, glowing complexion. Having been a skin care junkie since age twelve, I’ve tried them all and now I’m a devote of Oils of Youth for three reasons.

1. It’s organic, thus causing no skin irritation.

2. I need only the product for cleansing, moisturizing, and repair.

3. It takes about 3-5 minutes each morning and evening for my entire skin care Regime.


Mimi Brasch, Mill Valley, California

“I have been using Carol Lee’s Oils of Youth for about 2 months, and have noticed a remarkable difference in my skin. My face and neck are smoother than they have ever been, and are supple and moist to the touch. Fine lines may not disappear, but they are definitely less noticeable. As a senior citizen, I am used to trying serums and creams that work great on 30 year-olds, but do nothing for my skin. Thankfully, the Oils of Youth has appeared on the market place.”

Connie Perry, San Anselmo, California

“I have used Oils of Youth for several months now, and I cannot believe the comments I receive from my friends and family. It has taken years off my face, and I simply look and feel younger. My skin is more supple, vibrant, and has a permanent natural glow of health. Thank you Carol Lee, I have looked for years for just such a product. And it’s so simple and economical to use, as it replaces so many other products that did not produce the benefits I now enjoy.”

Susan Galivan, Mill Valley, California

“Thank you so much for introducing me to Oils of Youth. I have noticed so may improvements in my skin: It is softer, the fine lines around my eyes and mouth are diminishing, and there is a beautiful overall glow to my face. My skin is so soft, it feels like a baby’s skin. I am totally pleased and now hooked on Oils of Youth!”

Stephanie Van de Motter, Santa Monica, California

“I have always invested in the best products for my skin. Sometimes I would pay up to $300 dollars for a face cream. It promised more than it delivered.

That is why I am so grateful to your company for the awesome product and value that you provide. I first tried Oils of Youth a month ago. Since then my skin is how I always dreamed it could be. After only using it for a few days, I saw dramatic results, smooth skin, blemish free, no blotches, and almost brand new looking skin.

I am so amazed at the results of Oils of Youth I want to buy it for every one in my family and even my boyfriend has been using it and has experienced a new vitalaity to his skin. Thanks for making us feel young again.”

Kim Tobias, San Francisco, California

“As an international Flight attendant living between London and Denver, I’m always in the air, with dry re-circulated, and not so fresh and clean air. Oils of Youth is perfect for my crazy, on the go, one carryon bag only lifestyle. With one amazing portable product to remove makeup, use as a hair serum, moisturize and become a pollution blocking barrier for my ultra sensitive skin. I also use it with the heavy VitaLock E-oil, don cotton gloves/socks at night for super soft hands and feet. Last Jan. I was rushed and left it behind on a 2 week holiday, In desperation I bought a single organic oil at a health food store….not even close to the smooth absorbable moisturizing quality’s of Oils of youth. I can’t be without it.”

Lesha Clark, London, England

“I have known Carol Lee for many years and have always marveled at her youthful appearance and beautiful skin. When I helped her with some typing, she gave me a sample of her new product, Oils of Youth.

I’m of Irish descent and inherited the thin, dry, freckled skin that plagued my mother and grandmother for years. I’ve tried most every moisturizer available over the years, and I can honestly say that upon my first application of Carol Lee’s product, I immediately felt an incredible difference. My skin soaked in the soothing oils and looked and felt alive and radiant like it never had before. Friends were asking if I had been on vacation, had some cosmetic work done, or fallen in love because I looked better than I had in years.

I highly recommend this product to anyone suffering with dry, thin skin – or anyone else for that matter who wishes to bring back or maintain the smoothness and resilience of their skin. It’s by far the best product I’ve ever used on my skin.”

Susan Dupuis, Sausalito, California

“I lived in Thailand for the first 33 years of my life. I had not known any other life other than a humid climate. My skin was like other Thai women, moist. The idea of dry skin was far from our thoughts. I usually used powder on my skin to keep it dry or looking dry.

I’m an RN and worked in the CCU where the temperature was purposely kept quite cool but I still never had dry skin.

When I came from Thailand to the U.S. I moved to Auburn, California with my husband and immediately encountered the oddest things going on with my skin. The dryness showed up in all kinds of undesirable ways.

My husband uses Oils of Youth on his face for shaving. He suggested I use it on my face. I could never imagine using oil on my skin. Using it to take off make up was great though and to satisfy him I did use it for that. Still trying to overcome the dryness I was lathering all kinds of expensive lotions on my skin.

I became more religious about using oils of youth on my face for cleaning and how it was instructed. What I noticed was that my face was the only place my skin wasn’t dry. I couldn’t help but to notice also that the first thing in the morning was quite different than after a shower and an application of oils of youth. My face smoothed out and was radiant.

People that I meet always say that my skin looks so nice, like a babies face. I feel very confident when I can tell them I use a totally organic product. I wish there was a whole body “Oils of Youth”.

Achara Sujinnanot, Auburn, California

“I have always looked for natural and simple beauty routines so Oils of Youth appealed to me for the all-in-one-ness of the system. I noticed an improvement in the lines around my eyes in a very short time and generally my skin is much brighter and smooth. While that is all great what is even better is the actual experience of USING the oils. They feel and smell so deeply luxurious that I actively look forward to washing my face. Twice a day I am transported to some relaxing state of rejuvenation. They are simply wonderful products.”

Sally Barton, California

“I spent a week on Lake Powell in July 2011 where daily temperatures were 97-101 and only 12-15% huminity. A true desert lake. 8-10 hour days were spent boating and engaged in water sports. Obviously I got a lot of sun. I found that if I used Oils of Youth on my face at the end of the day, not only did I restore my comfort to an extremely dry complexion, I also restored my ability to even smile and eat, as my skin was dry and burned. The real benefit I did not appreciate until after the trip, as I realized that by using Oils of Youth daily, I did not peel at all! my skin was so moisturized and kept healthy, that despite the extreme sun exposure and dryness for 7 straight days, my skin did not die and peel.

Duane Sprague, Salt Lake City, Utah

“I can’t tell you how great Oils of Youth works for my skin.”

Katie Hutchens, London, England

“I loved the sample so much, I had to order the full system.”

Dawn Daniel, Tiburon, California

“I am very impressed with the oils of youth.”

Brie Valasek, Lansdown, Pennsyvania

“WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! What a superior service!”

Jennifer Ross, Sausalito, California

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