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Carol Lee Organics Endorses OffGridWear, a Clothing Distributor Focusing on Organic Wear

OffGridWear is a clothing supply company that specializes in the production and sale of sustainable, eco-friendly, and safe clothing products. Browse their store at

Carol Lee Organics is Proud to Recommend a Unique System for Bioenergetic Detoxification by AltWaters Technology


The AltWaters formulas have been developed over the past two decades with the input of thousands of clients. These water-based frequency formulas are considered the medicine of the future, preventive medicine.

A unique 5-week system not only neutralizes toxins at the cellular level but clears the energy field as well allowing the body to return to its natural alkaline base where no disease can survive. To our knowledge it is the only “system” on the Planet, all-natural, safe and easy to use for newborns through elders. A de-aging factor is built in we call it “youthing”!

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