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The Story Behind Oils of Youth


More than forty years ago, Carol Lee, a cosmetologist, make up and fashion consultant for stage and film celebrities, became enamored with skin care, and finding a way to help her clients reduce wrinkles, spotty and dry skin, blemishes and age spots caused by the ravaging effects of chemical laden make-up, skin cell oxidation and pre-mature aging from UV rays, drying from harsh lights, toxins, environmental pollutants, as well as a demanding schedule.

Her clients also wanted to have a healthy, youthful and naturally radiant glow to their skin.

Celebrities absolutely had to look their best at all times, which meant they needed more than just a cover-up, they needed to have genuinely healthy skin and collagen. Carol Lee, disgusted by the notion of having to use existing commercial products, and therefore adding chemicals, fillers, preservatives, colors and toxins to the faces of already overstressed skin was no longer an option.

She insisted that her discriminating clients would have radiant and healthy looking complexions that would be naturally preserved by healthy cells and collagen.

And now, for the first time she will do the same healthy treatment for you.

After years of making her proprietary serum available only in small quantities to her clients and friends, Carol Lee has agreed to produce her “Oils of Youth” in limited and controlled batches of 500 bottles at a time. This is the only way to maintain absolute freshness and quality of the delicate balance of organic oils, vitamins and naturally occurring micro nutrients.

Orders are filled on a first come first served basis. If your order will be delayed based on available supply, you will be notified by email.

Important to note that this is the same artisan quality and painstaking production process as the original formula. No corners have been cut, and every ingredient is the highest grade product available.

Carol Lee will never use preservatives, fillers, colors, stabilizers or manufactured chemicals of any kind at any time.

Carol Lee does not use anything but Oils of Youth on her own face, and has become a living testament to its proven benefits.

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